The point of art

Posted by on Jul 7, 2014 in Exhibitions, Meaning, Process

Following my  graduation from St Martins, one of my early pictures was bought by a client who was so delighted with her purchase she sent me a snapshot of it hanging in her home.

The work had been one of my favourite pieces and during its making I believed I’d made some advances in my work.  So when it was finished  I had imagined its ultimate destination to be in a gallery, with lots of white space around it, serving to highlight its various qualities and innovations. Imagine my surprise on seeing it in her small guest bedroom filled with frills and flounces, swirling carpets and curly bedside lights – a world away from the white cube.

It was a signal lesson and caused a major re-assessment on my part.  Ultimately, beyond my investigations and endless questioning during the process of making,  the point of art is to communicate  – the wider the audience the better – and images can be enjoyed by anyone in any setting, whatever its decoration.  Furthermore this buyer couldn’t have been more appreciative and pleased with her purchase.

Now it’s one of my greatest pleasures to know that my work is bought by many different people to be hung in their homes and work spaces and (hopefully) enjoyed over and over again by them, their family and friends and their work colleagues, all of whom will bring their own interpretations to that image.  That is the point of art.