The Figure in Paper

Posted by on Jan 16, 2015 in Figurative

I’ve been lax with posts recently, so a belated happy new year to all who take an interest in my work.

The last few months have been spent steeped in figurative work – when it’s been possible to slip away from the annual festivities and commitments.

I’ve been tackling the difficulties of constructing the figure in paper. It’s taken me some time to find a way of working with the figure in paper that I’m beginning to feel happy with and led quite naturally to my working on a much larger scale and with simple, plain colours.

Concurrent with this process the paintings of Matisse and August Macke have been prodding at my mind, together with some of Alice Neel’s work a bit of Frida Kahlo and recently the poses of Moroni’s sitters; all have answered some questions for me and stimulated thought.  And I wonder where artists would be without the wealth of information to be found during a visit to the National Portrait Gallery?

The human figure is so powerfully expressive that just by being present on the canvas a message, observation or mood is instantaneously conveyed. Even the smallest detail in the composition has significance.

Although preoccupied with the exploration of edge in my work, in some of the figure images I have kept the forms within the borders of the surface, (see the two images below); this says something quite different about the content. I  like to think that these more boundaried images have a different kind of power.

Fast FriendsThe Keeper

Firm Friends                                                                                                                   The Keeper