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Grandparents’ stewardship of future generations and mutual appreciation from both generations was a feature of conversations with participants in the Age In The Frame project. There was much discussion of intergenerational mixing, which was generally seen as something desirable by all ages. Here are some quotes which were influential when I was making the above […]


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Old people are often perceived as alien or different, somehow unreachable – they are ‘other people’. Despite an expressed wish from many – old and young – for more intergenerational mixing, it seems as if the generational gap persists. I was trying to capture some of this in the image. This image evolved from many […]

Age in the Frame – 09/04/19

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An interesting day recording the views of 16-18 year olds at a school in east London, on older people and ageing. Many poignant and perceptive views; unique takes on their personal connections with older people; general belief that there should be more intergenerational mixing.