Posted by on Dec 8, 2020 in AGE IN THE FRAME
RISE AND SHINE, 2020 (paper, card, pencil, spraypaint) 59.4 x 72.5 cm

“You just wear out at the end of the day; you can’t just keep going.” (participant: 69 yrs)

“It’s the process of things wearing out and hurting which is my problem.” (participant: 71 yrs)

“We’re both fit, but often wake up in the morning feeling stiff in our joints and muscles. We sometimes laugh about it and have competitions about who can put their socks on standing up. The body takes some warming up, like an old engine.” (participant: 63 yrs)

“You think you stay young, but your body deteriorates, and that’s the issue one has. My brain says I’m 20 but you body doesn’t always reflect what you can do. You try to fight against being old.” (participant: 68 yrs)

“There’s nothing really that I can’t do that I haven’t been able to do before, apart from driving because of glaucoma. I’m very, very fit and very strong.” (participant: 72 yrs)

“Good health makes all the difference when you’re old. If you’re in pain and you’ve got arthritis or any of those things, you age faster and look older, cos pain does that.” (participant: 93 yrs)

AFTER THE DANCE, 2020 (paper, card, pastel, spraypaint) 59.4 cm x 84 cm

“A lot of people like to pretend that they can still do things that they used to do, and we can’t. Dancing is in short bits and I have the energy for that and then you can stop, get your breath back and dance again.” (participant: 87 yrs)