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CORK,MATCHSTICK,PAPER:INSTRUCTIONS TO A SMALL BOY, 2020 (paper,card,spraypaint, pastel) 84 x 59.4 x 3 cm

These images are based not only on the views of participants in the Age In The Frame project, but the experience of meeting with them face-to-face, and hearing and recording their often poignant reflections. Old age is about remembering and often re-assessing the past. The participants were frank about their personal experiences and attitudes regarding this aspect of ageing. It was humbling to be there to listen and record these reflections.

“I had a letter from my father who was an RAF medical doctor in India during the war, about how to make little boats out of corks, mast matchstick and a piece of paper.” (participant: 80 yrs)

CORK,MATCHSTICK,PAPER:INSTRUCTIONS TO A SMALL BOY II, 2020 (paper,card,spraypaint, pastel) 84 x 59.4 x 3 cm

“I’ve come across an old photograph of myself at the age of 10 or 11 or something – such an anxious looking little boy in a school uniform.” (participant: 81 yrs)

“At 60 I suddenly woke up…I’m 60 where am I going? I was all shut down, now I’ve opened up. If I’d not been to an all boy boarding school would I not have been so shut up?” (participant: 68 yrs)

“Youth is characterised by emptiness, not having foundations so constantly searching for fulfilment…when you stop searching is when old age starts.” (participant:18 yrs)