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Michaelangelo Buonarotti and Sebastiano del Piombo were two masters of colour.  They became a team.   An excellent article by Amica Sciortino Nowlan and an unmissible exhibition at the National Gallery (closes on June 25th)

And so to the fair.

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I’m looking forward to the Other Art Fair, which runs from 23 – 26th April, where I’ll be exhibiting some new work. If you visit please do come and say hello, I’m at stand 43. In the meantime I’m deeply into two new series of works in which I’ve been exploring surface and ideas around constructing an […]

The point of art

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Following my  graduation from St Martins, one of my early pictures was bought by a client who was so delighted with her purchase she sent me a snapshot of it hanging in her home. The work had been one of my favourite pieces and during its making I believed I’d made some advances in my work. […]

In the Papers

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It’s been a weekend of paper:  On Friday the Matisse cut outs exhibition ; on Saturday viewing a recording of Amanda Vickery’s The Story of Women and Art  , wherein I was intrigued to hear of the Renaissance papercut artist Joanna Koerten; Sunday a battle of my own on some large, still life compositions which are […]

The Other Art Fair

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There’s been a good volume of visitors over the last few days and, as always, it’s great to talk with other exhibiting artists as well as the buyers and collectors.