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Generation follows generation in a continuous loop, accompanied by many of the same perceptions, narratives and emotions. To see participants’ quotes and all the other source material, from the Age in The Frame project that inspired this image, follow the link:


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To see all the source material that inspired this image follow the link:

Age in the Frame – 07/11/19

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‘One would, of course, like to approach old age with grace and fortitude, but old age makes it difficult’. (Arthur Krystal, The New Yorker, October 28, 2019; ‘Why Can’t We Tell the Truth About Aging‘)

Age in the Frame – Image 16/09/19

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Participant (81 yrs). Extract from recording: Her husband died – it’s given her a new lease of life. She’s a game old bird. When this sculpture is tapped the head nods and the top feathers wave with the motion.

Age in the Frame – response 13/08/19

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Bearings (card, paper, acrylic, wire)

Age in the Frame – response 04/08/19

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Bits that are not right: Organ Recital I (paper, wire, acrylic) Participant (72 yrs) Participant (64 yrs) Participant (74 yrs)