Artistic Influences

Posted by on Jun 10, 2013 in Influences

The work of many different artists is inspirational at particular times, depending on what aspects of process, technique or subject I’m grappling with at the time.

Here are a few recent favourites:  W. Barnes-Graham, William Scott, Egon Schiele,  Magritte, Howard Hodgkin, Juan Gris,  Morandi, Richard Diebenkorn, Peter Kinsey, Patrick Caulfield, David Hockney, Titian, Carravaggio, Luis Melendes and very recently Diane Arbus (photographer), Ivon Hitchens  and Mary Fedden.

Peter Kharoche’s book: Ivon Hitchens has been well worth the purchase, as is:  Mary Fedden Enigmas and Variations, by Christopher Andreae.  Here’s a video of  her working in her studio: