Posted by on Jan 28, 2021 in AGE IN THE FRAME
(paper, card, acrylic, pastel)
140 x 100 cm

Grandparents’ stewardship of future generations and mutual appreciation from both generations was a feature of conversations with participants in the Age In The Frame project. There was much discussion of intergenerational mixing, which was generally seen as something desirable by all ages. Here are some quotes which were influential when I was making the above image.

“I love listening to my grandparents’ stories.” (participant:17 yrs)

“Old people know things: they’re out of the whole fuzz of being young.” (participant: 17 yrs)

“We want intergenerational things.” (participant: 87 yrs)

“My grandson says, ‘you’re old Grandma but you’ve got to live to 100’. I’ll do my best.” (participant: 74yrs)

“I think if you have something you know you’re here for and you know that you’re kind of making a contribution towards, it makes a big, kind of like, focus.” (participant: 18 yrs)