Moving between figuration and abstraction my works are fictionalised spaces, which bring to light the less conspicuous aspects of human experience, often having a sociopolitical dimension. Landscapes, still lifes and figures exist in a time and space suggestive of an event which has gone before or is about to happen. It’s no coincidence that an early career in the theatre continues to influence my work, as does my practice as a therapist in east London. Concealment and exposure, within or without, surface and subsurface are core themes.  Paper as a medium is intrinsic to the subject matter as it is both robust and fragile. By incorporating wire in the wall reliefs and sculptures I am able to extend this visual language. The work takes an innovative approach to working with paper. When approached as a sculptor the processes of constructing, peeling, layering, excavating, and colouring correlate directly with the complexities and visceral nature of the human spirit.