the Artist

I studied art in London, initially at the Sir John Cass School of Art, and then at Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design, majoring in sculpture.

Following art school, the 3D work transitioned into an involvement with product design and manufacturing, re-purposing and up-cycling industrial products, turning oil-drums into furniture, for instance.  This led to the founding of design and manufacturing company, Urban Icons, producing our own products and collaborating with other manufacturers to realise cutting edge designs. It was during this phase that my interest in working in paper developed.

Typically taking the path less followed, I later decided not to do an MA in fine art, but follow a parallel interest in child and family psychology. After working for some time at ChildLine, I did an MA in psychotherapy and now work in east London as a solution-focused psychotherapist, alongside my art practice.  There is a synergy with the conversations I have and the issues I work with in my therapy practice and my work in the studio. This synergy extends to the medium I work with – paper. My training as a sculptor informs a different approach to a material which generally starts off as a flat surface.

Paper is both fragile and robust; it allows for colouring, layers, accretions, excavation; it can be ephemeral or solid; stiff or sagging, it rustles, creaks, peels, tears; it’s enduring and ubiquitous; it can be challenging, frustrating, delightful and affirming. Not much different to the human spirit.  And the introduction of spray-paint and now wire – as in the sculptures and reliefs – adds another dimension to its character.

artist Statement

Largely human-centred and moving between figuration and abstraction, the work is underpinned by the concepts: fragile/robust; surface/subsurface; build/raze; expose/conceal as it makes visual the often less conspicuous aspects of personal, social and political concerns central to the human condition and experience.

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