My self-designed art residency called ‘Age in the Frame’ has begun.  It grew out of work I’ve been doing on age and ageing in the studio. For an extended period I will be moving out of working solely in the studio and into socially-engaged artistic practice.

My aim is to explore ageing from the ground-up, seeking unmediated voices from a diverse range of older (60+) and younger people (16-18yrs, initially). I’m interested in hearing and recording their views and experiences and in the processes underpinning such engagement, and will form an artistic response using all the documented material from the project.

In debates and perspectives on ageing, artists invested in image making, hold some of the most powerful and collaborative tools for contributing to research and change.

Diary postings on the site will be running throughout the study.


Old News
Thanks to all who came to view the Cambrian Open Studio Exhibition last month.