open sketchbook – 14 June ’17

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Facade and lattice working sketches. Reduction… Reduct.. Red.

open sketchbook – 29 May ’17

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E.’s senility is worsening.  Lurks constantly in the back of the mind. Influence on frames and lattice works.  


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Michaelangelo Buonarotti and Sebastiano del Piombo were two masters of colour.  They became a team.   An excellent article by Amica Sciortino Nowlan and an unmissible exhibition at the National Gallery (closes on June 25th)

Memory Loss

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Memory loss – all that is precious, personal, self-defining gradually sifts away. Recall becomes a desperate, grasping exercise in utter futility. Personal experience of  those who have memory loss has fuelled my exploration of this cruel aspect of the human condition.  What better material than paper, with its many different characteristics, in which to express some thoughts about […]

Female artists still under-represented in major galleries

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  ‘Figures compiled by the Guardian paint a dismal portrait of women artists exhibiting in major galleries, in the UK and abroad. But are things changing?’ Read more in this excellent article by Hannah Ellis-Peterson.   (Guardian 6 Feb, 2017) ‘…female artists account for just 4% of the National Gallery of Scotland’s collection; 20% of […]

The Last Garderner of Aleppo

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My picture ‘The Last Gardener of Aleppo’ was made in tribute to Abu Ward and his son Ibrahim, following the screening in 2016 of the Channel 4 News documentary, ‘The Last Garden Centre in Aleppo’,   I can’t think of any medium more apt than paper – which is both robust and fragile – to depict this subject.

Loving Vincent in animation

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How to paint 65,000 pictures in the style of Van Gogh for an animated feature film about the life of Van Gogh.

Why People Collect Art

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Collectors have described to me their own personal motivations for collecting art.  This article  by Erin Thompson suggests further reasons why people collect art, which, despite popular perception, has little to do with financial gain.  

Mother Earth

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Climbing a hill, during a flying visit to Budapest this summer, I came across this wonderful sculpture – Wagner Nandor’s ‘Mother Earth’ (1983).

The View Beneath My Feet

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Spent a family walk in the country (chosen for its breathtaking views) photographing the ground.  Exasperating for co-walkers, but who can possibly resist these patterns and textures?