Age in the Frame: Post 3 – 11/02/19

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What’s in a number?

Age in the Frame: Post 2 – 12/01/19

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A youthful response to old age:   

Age in the Frame: Post 1 – 6/12/18

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  Script paper, pencil on paper 35.5 x 26.5 cm   Diary visual – a paper ‘sketch’ if you like – describing my current response to carrying out my study on longevity. Spending a lot of time, in this phase of the study, travelling and interviewing, so words predominate.

Summer Paintings

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I had that summer feeling when these two constructed paintings were made recently. Indulging in the sheer joy of colour.   Summer?  Really??  

open sketchbook – 2 August’17

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Pondering about connections of various kinds, so back to the sketchbook, as usual, to figure things out…


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Recently completed landscape in the constructed painting series.

open sketchbook – 14 June ’17

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Facade and lattice working sketches. Reduction… Reduct.. Red.

open sketchbook – 29 May ’17

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E.’s senility is worsening.  Lurks constantly in the back of the mind. Influence on frames and lattice works.  


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Michaelangelo Buonarotti and Sebastiano del Piombo were two masters of colour.  They became a team.   An excellent article by Amica Sciortino Nowlan and an unmissible exhibition at the National Gallery (closes on June 25th)

Memory Loss

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Memory loss – all that is precious, personal, self-defining gradually sifts away. Recall becomes a desperate, grasping exercise in utter futility. Personal experience of  those who have memory loss has fuelled my exploration of this cruel aspect of the human condition.  What better material than paper, with its many different characteristics, in which to express some thoughts about […]