the Artist

I am a British artist working in paper and paint. I studied art in London, initially at the Sir John Cass School of Art, and then at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, majoring in sculpture. My early exhibited work, at venues within the UK and abroad, was in box pictures and figure drawing. Supported initially by work as a senior product designer I was able to fund and develop my artistic practice. My interest in working in paper has evolved quite naturally over this time to my current absorption with this challenging medium.

the Work

The work has reached the point where the images take the form of constructed paintings in which the component layers are painted and then assembled on to a surface. I’m intrigued by the contrast between the fluidity of the paint when working these layers and their transformation into hard edged shapes and forms when assembled onto the painted surface.  The layers are structured in such a way as to partially conceal the underlying surfaces, constraining what is exposed or what might be revealed. This dialectic between medium and process helps to foreground the human centred themes which lie at the heart of the images.

For some time I’ve been working on a series exploring facades – primarily building facades –  often using lattices in the layering.  I explore ideas about access and what is hidden or revealed by a facade.  I find them tantalising.  They invite speculation on the multitude of human histories which a building has contained over time.

People have asked me what or who my influences are.  Well, everything really.  The work never stops, it continues in one’s mind all the time and I use whatever is helpful to a particular project at that time, from both the past and the present.