the Artist

I am a British artist working in paper and acrylic spraypaint. I studied art in London, initially at the Sir John Cass School of Art, and then at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, majoring in sculpture. My early exhibited work, at venues within the UK and abroad, was in box pictures and figure drawing. Supported initially by work as a senior product designer I was able to fund and develop my artistic practice. My interest in working in paper has evolved quite naturally over this time to my current absorption with this challenging medium.

the Work

The work develops in series on a continuum.  The current series of Constructed Paintings, in which the component layers are pre-painted and then assembled on to a surface, invite the viewer to enter a narrative landscape in which a story can unfold, or in which it has already unfolded.  I work from the standpoint of a sculptor.  My intention, through the physical manipulation of the formal elements of painting,  is to manually direct the viewing of the image, not only with shaped colour, light and space, but via the sequential frames and layering of the shapes. These narrative landscapes of the imagination had their origins in real landscapes, culled from extensive cycle touring around the UK and from abroad.

Prior to this series I had been working on a series exploring facades – primarily building facades.  Quite literally I see them as the face of the building. They enabled an exploration of ideas about access and what is hidden or revealed by a facade. They invite speculation on the endless human histories and activities which a building has contained over time. 

The facade series was initiated by my fascination with an intriguing building in my area, which appeared to have been some sort of institution and had become a home for squatters.  It was recently demolished for development of the site. Although it was surrounded by fencing and boarding, I managed to take some photos of sections of it before it disappeared forever.  These are two works from that time.